EP 67: Halloween and Helpdesk Nightmares

Recorded June 10, 2018

HALLOWEEN is back!  Blake and Brandon discuss the new Halloween trailer, the Myers Multiverse and the impact the franchise has had on the horror genre.  Later they chat with fellow podcasters Mark and Jennifer from HELPDESK NIGHTMARES podcast. 

EP 63: Cobra Kai Never Dies!

Recorded May 14, 2018

It's our COBRA KAI review and its SPOILERIFIC!!!  We're again joined by our bud Nathaniel Gold to discuss our new obsession.  STRIKE FIRST!  STRIKE HARD!  NO MERCY!  And keep on STEADY GEEKIN'!

EP 62: Chimps and Geeks

Recorded May 7, 2018

They fellas are joined by Author and Illustrator, Nathaniel Gold to promote his series of novellas THE DIARY OF HENRY CHIMPMAN.  Later they talk about raising kids in the modern world of geek culture, Star Wars, Cobra Kai and more!

EP 60: Geeks and Ghostbusters

Recorded April 10, 2018

Blake and Brandon geek out with the Hudson Valley Ghostbusters!  They discuss Ghostbusters of course, their various charity work, the upcoming Hudson Valley Comic Con, Star Wars, Marvel and more!

EP 59: Sittin' with Sen3

Record March 25, 2018

New friends Paul and Sashia from Sen3 Productions stop by Fort Geekin' to discuss their Kickstarter campain for their short film THE GAFFER, indie film making, comics and more!

EP 55: Random $#!+, Random GEEKS

Recorded February 19, 2018

Blake and Brandon welcome fellow Earplug family member and creator of RSRG Entertainment Phillip Broyles to discuss his new publishing venture and Kickstarter campaign for the post apocalyptic comic DESOLATE! They discuss making indie comics, a few Toyfair reveals and more!

EP 51: Jedi, Jericho, and Jean Grey

Recorded January 9, 2018

SPOILER WARNING!!!  It's our first show of 2018 and MAG's first anniversary as co-host.  It's also Brandon's brother, DANTE's first appearance on Steady GEEKIN'.  They along with Blake, Brandon and Paul from NUFD make up for lost time discussing PHOENIX: RESURRECTION, wrestler CHRIS JERICHO, THE LAST JEDI and more! 

EP 50: Long Island Doctor Who Convention

Recorded November 11, 2017

It's our 50th episode!  Blake, Brandon and Shirley took an adventure to the 5th Annual Long Island Doctor Who convention back in November.  Give us a listen as we chat with fans and fellow Whovians about why we love Doctor Who, it's philosophies, and how having a female Doctor could impact the show and it's audience.