EP 44: Old Time Wrestling 17th Anniversary

Brandon flies solo as he takes you on his field trip to the OTW 17th Anniversary.  He provides commentary for a match and interviews pro wrestlers "The Dagger" Mik Drake, "Meanest in the Game" Justin Busser, Maaaaaarvelous Miss Jasmiine, Mister Dave Davis, Captain Calvin Christopher and Adam Chandler the Great. 

EP 40: Hey it's Harvey Guillen!

Recorded October 3, 2017

Blake shares his thoughts on STAR TREK: DISCOVERY'S third episode and the first episode of The GIFTED on Fox.  Then stick around for his interview with actor HARVEY GUILLEN (Nickelodeon's The Thundermans, MTV's Eye Candy, Syfy's The Magicians) as they discuss Harvey's career and his new horror movie "TRUTH or DARE" on SyFy.

EP 38: Boldly Going

Recorded Sept 25, 2017

In this episode the fellas debate WWE No Mercy 2017 Lesnar vs Strowman, review episode 1 of Star Trek: Discovery, catch up on DC's Doomsday Clock, get hyped for Phoenix Resurrection and more!

EP 36: Double Dumb@$$ on You!

Recorded August 7, 2017

One of our biggest fans, Frankie D who happens to be MAG's bro in law drops by Fort Geekin'.  The fellas talk about the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery as well as classic Treks, Spider-Man, Marvel and DC TV and more. 

EP 35: Head of the Class

Recorded September 4, 2017

The fellas welcome back Pro Wrestling Champion "The King of Class" Andd Bivians to Fort Geekin'!  He sits down to catch us up on his booming career, Blake, Brandon, and MAG talk DEFENDERS, grounding DARK PHOENIX, and more.  Later Blake and Brandon school MAG and Andd on why the original TWIN PEAKS is awesome and convince them to start watching!  THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR TWIN PEAKS SEASONS 1 and 2 and FIRE WALK WITH ME.

EP 34: Put Up Your Dukes!

Recorded August 28, 2017

Back from Hiatus and Blakeless, Brandon and MAG finally get to talk all about wrestling! They catch up with their thoughts on SUMMER SLAM and chat with MAG's brother Hector about the MAYWEATHER vs McGREGGOR fight. 

EP 32: Buy Local, Buy Alternaverse

Recorded June 13, 2017

Blake, Brandon, and MAG hop over to Alternaverse Comics in Hyde Park, NY to chat with owner Anthony and his pal Steve Desario (featured Lady Death cover artist).  It's all about comic books and comic films.  Who's more powerful: Wonder Woman, Superman, or Batman?  Who was the best Spider-Man: McGuire, Garfield, or Holland?  Wanna know what happens when geeks get together at a comic shop?  Listen and find out...

EP 31: SDCC 2017

Recorded July 24, 2017

Blake, Brandon, and MAG are throwing it back to San Diego Comic Con 2017.  Listen as they discuss their favorite reveals from the world's largest comic book convention.  It's an all new episode on our all new home: THE EARPLUG PODCAST NETWORK!

EP 30: Podern Life part 3: The Shape of Things to Come

Recorded June 4, 2017

It's the second half of the "Comic Con Chronicles" crossover with DW from The Earplug Podcast Network.  While at the Albany Comic Con in Upstate NY Blake, DW and MAG interview Comic Creator and artist who has drawn the most first issue comics featuring Spider-Man and his family of characters, Joe St.Pierre.  And later Brandon interviews Ron Marz, creator of Green Lantern KYLE RAYNOR and writer of the classic Marvel vs DC crossover among many other major titles.  He discusses his career and the return of Ominous Press.

EP 29: Podern Life part 2: Comic Con Chronicles Crossover

Recorded June 4, 2017

In this episode Blake, Brandon, and MAG team up at Albany Comic Con in upstate NY with DW from The Earplug Podcast Network for a special crossover episode of "Comic Con Chronicles."  They chat about how they met, comic cons, movies, books and are joined by special guest artist, creator (of Rat Bastard) and East Coast Comicon Owner, Cliff Galbrait.  Cliff has some stories to tell so stay till the end for some good laughs. 

EP 27: Make My Monster Grow! Adventure at Hudson Valley Comic Con 2017

Recorded May 7-8, 2017

This episode is all about our adventure at the 2nd Annual Hudson Valley Comic Con in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Listen as we talk about our experience and stay as we interview the cosplay troupe THE SUPER ZEROS, spend time with MING CHEN (AMC'S Comic Book Men) and DW of THE EARPLUG PODCAST NETWORK, and finish up with a morphinominal interview with the voice of 'RITA REPULSA' herself BARBARA GOODSON (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers).  Dreams really do come true.


EP 26: JEM and the HoloGEEKS

Recorded May 15, 2017

Calling all JEM girls and boys!  It's our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY and we are celebrating in a big and OUTRAGEOUS way!  SAMANTHA NEWARK, the original speaking voice of JEM from the original cartoon series 'JEM and the Holograms' was kind enough to do a phone interview with us geeks.  Sit back and enjoy as we discuss Samantha's new Record "HOLOGRAM", her career as JEM, her love of the fans and more! 

EP 25: You Got That Glow

Recorded May 1, 2017

The one where the fellas talk about THE LAST DRAGON, next year's X-MEN film explosion, TEEN TITANS: Judas Contract, the SPLIT/UNBREAKABLE sequel, HE-MAN movie more.